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Spring 2018 Booklist

MAT 118 Foundational Mathematics via Problem Solving II

Mathematics for Elementary Teachers via Problem Solving – package (includes Student Activity Manual and Resources Manual) 3rd Ed. Masingila, Pearson. ISBN 9781506697192.
  • Mathematics for Elementary Teachers Activity Manual. Masingila, Pearson. ISBN 9781581529890
  • Mathematics for Elementary Teachers Resource Manual. ISBN 9781581527728

MAT 122 Probability and Statistics for the Liberal Arts II

Elementary Statistics Custom for Syracuse University, 5th Ed. (package) Triola, Pearson. ISBN 9781323762479
  • Elementary Statistics Mini Tab Manual. ISBN 9781323764176
  • Elementary Statistics text, 5th Ed. ISBN 9781323752234

MAT 194 Precalculus

Functions Modeling Change Custom for Syracuse University, 5th Ed. - Package (includes text and Web assign). Connally, Wiley. ISBN 9781119031932

MAT 221 Elementary Probability and Statistics I

Intro to the Practice of Statistics w/ Access Card 9th Ed. Moore & McCabe, Freeman. ISBN 9781319013387

MAT 222 Elementary Probability and Statistics II

Same as MAT 221

MAT 284 Business Calculus

Intro Mathematical Analysis for Business, Economics & Life & Social, 2nd. Haeuseler, Pearson. ISBN 9781323262030

MAT 285 Life Sciences Calculus I

Calculus for the Life Sciences 2nd Ed. Greenwell, Pearson. ISBN 9780321964038

MAT 286 Life Sciences Calculus ll

Same as MAT 285

MAT 295 Calculus I

Essential Calculus Early Trancendentals 2nd Ed. – pkg. Stewart, Cengage. ISBN 9781133425946
  • Textbook only. ISBN 9781133112280
  • Enhanced Web Assign Access Code (required). ISBN 9781285858265

MAT 296 Calculus II

Same as MAT 295

MAT 331 First Course in Linear Algebra

Linear Algebra & Its Applications 5th Ed. Lay, Pearson. ISBN 9780321982384

MAT 375 Introduction to Abstract Mathematics

Passage to Abstract Mathematics. Watkins & Meyer, Pearson. ISBN 9780321738639

MAT 397 Calculus III

Same as MAT 295

MAT 412 Introduction to Real Analysis I

Intro to Real Analysis 4th Ed. Wade, Pearson. ISBN 9780134707624

MAT 414 Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations

Elementary Differential Equations 10th Ed. Boyce & DiPrima, Wiley. ISBN 9781119311669

MAT 485 Differential Equations and Matrix Algebra for Engineers

Differential Equations and Linear Algebra 2nd Ed. Farlow Hall. McDill, West, Pearson. ISBN 9780134689548

MAT 495 Fundamentals of Data Science

An Introduction to Statistical Learning With Applications in R. James, Witten, Hastie, Tibshirani. Springer. ISBN 9781461471370

MAT 500 Actuarial Mathematics

No textbook

MAT 512 Introduction to Real Analysis II

Introduction to Real Analysis 4th Ed. Wade, Pearson. ISBN 9780132296380

MAT 513 Introduction to Complex Analysis

Complex Analysis 1st Edition. Stewart & Tall, Cambridge Univ. Press. ISBN 9780521287630

MAT 517 Partial Differential Equations and Fourier Series

Partial Differential Equations, An Introduction, 2nd Ed. Strauss, Wiley. ISBN 9780470054567

MAT 521 Introduction to Probability

Introduction to Probability, 1st Ed. Blitzstein and Hwang, Chapman and Hall/CRC. ISBN 9781466575578

MAT 525 Mathematical Statistics

Probability and Statistics, 4th Ed. DeGroot & Schervish, Addison- Wesley. ISBN 9780321500465

MAT 526 Introduction to Stochastic Processes

Introduction To Stochastic Processes with R, 1st Ed. Dobrow, Wiley. ISBN 9781118740651

MAT 531 Second Course in Linear Algebra

Linear Algebra, 4th Ed. Friedberg, Insel, & Spence, Pearson. ISBN 9780120084514

MAT 532 Applied Linear Algebra

Linear Algebra and Its Applications, 3rd Ed. Strang, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. ISBN 9780155510050

MAT 534 Introduction to Abstract Algebra

Contemporary Abstract Algebra, 8th Ed. Gallian, Cenegage. ISBN 9781133599708

MAT 541 Introduction to Number Theory

Elementary Number Theory Burton McGraw Hill 9780073383149

MAT 551 Fundamental Concepts of Geometry

Modern Geometry w/Applications Jennings Springer-Verlag 9780387942223

MAT 562 Elementary Topology

Elementary Topology. Gemignani, Dover. ISBN 9780486665221

MAT 581 Numerical Methods with Programming

Introduction to Scientific Computing: A Matrix-Vector Approach Using Matlab, 2nd Ed. Van Loan, Pearson. ISBN 9780139491573

MAT 599 Senior Seminar In Mathematics

An Invitation to Algebraic Geometry. Smith, Kahanpaa, Kekalainen, Traves, Springer. ISBN 9780387989808

MAT 600 Selected Topics – Markov Chains and Mixing Times

Markov Chains and Mixing Times, Levin & Peres. AMS. ISBN 9781470429621

MAT 602 Fundamentals of Analysis II

Principles of Mathematical Analysis, 3rd Ed. Rudin, McGraw Hill. ISBN 9780070542358

MAT 632 Introduction to Algebra II

Abstract Algebra, 3rd Ed. Dummitt & Foote, Wiley. ISBN 9780471433347

MAT 646 Enumeration, Designs, and Matroids

Applied Combinatorics, 6th Ed. Tucker, Wiley. ISBN 9780470458389

MAT 652 Probability and Statistics II

Statistical Inference, 2nd Ed. Casella & Berger, Cengage. ISBN 9780534243128

MAT 682 Numerical Linear Algebra

Numerical Linear Algebra, 4th Ed. Trefethen & Bau, Siam. ISBN 9780898713617

MAT 684 Methods of Numerical Analysis II

Numerical Analysis, 3rd Ed. Kincaid, American Math. ISBN 9780821847886

MAT 695 Fundamentals of Data Science

An Introduction to Statistical Learning with Applications in R. James, Witten, Hastie, Tibshirani Springer. ISBN 9781461471370

MAT 712 Functions of a Complex Variable I

Complex Analysis, 1st Ed. Gamelin, Springer. ISBN 9780387950693

MAT 721 Probability I

Probability: Theory & Examples 4th Ed. Durrett, Cambridge Univ. Press. ISBN 9780521765398

MAT 732 Homological Algebra

No textbook required.

MAT 737 Representations of Groups and Algebras

Representation Theory of Artin Algebras. Auslander Reiten, & Smalo, Cambridge Univ. Press. ISBN 9780521411349

MAT 750 Statistical Consulting

Statistical Consulting. Cabrera & McDougall, Springer. ISBN 9781441931771

MAT 761 Introduction to Algebraic Topology

Algebraic Topology. Hatcher, Cambridge ISBN 9780521795401

MAT 771 Differential Geometry

Riemannian Geometry. do Carmo, Birkhauser/Springer. ISBN 9780817634902

MAT 807 Integral Equations

No textbook required.

MAT 830 Topics in Modern Algebra

No textbook required.