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Department Chairs

Name Years of Service
William Ted Martin 1943–1946 [1]
Stewart S. Cairns 1946–1948
Department run by a committee, with Kibbey as acting chair 1948–1952 [2]
Donald Kibbey 1952–1971
Erik Hemmingsen 1971–1979 [3]
Jack Graver 1979–1982
Larry Lardy 1982–1988
Dan Waterman 1988–1994
Douglas Anderson 1994–2005
Terry McConnell 2005–2008
Eugene Poletsky 2008–2014
Uday Banerjee 2014–present

[1] Prior to 1943 there had been separate departments of mathematics in Business, Enginering and Liberal Arts, and they were united when Martin came from MIT to be chair (source: Erik Hemmingsen, The Department of Mathematics up until about 1960). He returned to MIT in 1946, and was department chair there from 1947 to 1962.

[2] According to Kibbey’s entry in American Men and Women of Science, 12th edition, he served as chair 1952-1971. I am grateful to Paul Gilbert for the following information. When Cairns left the Department in 1948, "the department was run by a committee. It made the ‘important’ decisions, but Don did the nitty-gritty work, really as an acting chairman under the watchful eye of the committee". Don Kibbey’s service as chair of the Mathematics Department had no fixed term and ended in 1971, when he was promoted to Vice-President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School. He served 6 years until his retirement from the University in 1977.

[3] Erik Hemmingsen was first elected for a 5-year term, and then for another 3-year term. The Constitution committee was elected in spring 1971, met during the following fall semester, reported its proposed constitution in early 1972 at a faculty meeting, and that document was accepted in a subsequent secret ballot. Although the Constitution specifies that the chair should be elected with a term of office, it does not specify that term. In practice since the constitution was approved in 1972, all terms have been for 3 years.

--P. T. Church 9/30/01