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Algebra Research Group

Algebra Seminar runs Tuesdays 2:00–2:55 pm in Carnegie 109, unless announced otherwise. It is organized by Steven P. Diaz. 

Seminar Schedule



Steven P. Diaz specializes in algebraic geometry (the study of the solutions of polynomial equations in any number of variables), and he works mainly on curves. His main goal is understanding the moduli spaces which parametrize varying families of curves. Another interest is sets of equations that define finite sets of points.

Mark Kleiner works on representations of finite-dimensional algebras.

Graham Leuschke is a commutative algebraist who works particularly on those aspects closely related to representation theory and non-commutative algebraic geometry. He is especially interested in maximal Cohen-Macaulay modules over Cohen-Macaulay rings and in non-commutative resolutions of singularities.

Claudia Miller does research in commutative algebra and its connections with algebraic geometry. Special interests include homological and characteristic p phenomena, as well as intersection theory and multiplicities.

Declan Quinn is an algebraist who studies group actions on noncommutative rings and Galois theory. His other research interests are Hopf algebras and enveloping algebras.

Dan Zacharia studies representations of finite dimensional algebras as well as homological algebra.



Rebecca R.G. is a Philip T. Church Postdoctoral Fellow who earned Ph.D. in Mathematics from University of Michigan (2016). She works in commutative algebra, specifically closure operations (particularly tight closure) and their relationship to classification of singularities.

Sean J. Rostami is a Philip T. Church Postdoctoral Fellow who earned Ph.D. in Mathematics from University of Maryland (2012). He works in Representation Theory, especially the representation theory of algebraic groups, the Local Langlands Program, and applications to Shimura Varieties. A more recent area of activity is Topological Graph Theory and its connections to Number Theory via the subject of Dessins d'Enfants.

Graduate students


Rachel Gettinger is a student of Professor Miller.

Caleb McWhorter is a student of Professor Diaz.

Casey Necheles is a student of Professor Miller and Professor Wehrli.

Mkrtich Ohanyan is a student of Professor Miller.

Eric Ottman is a student of Professor Miller.

Robert Roy is a student of Professor Leuschke.