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Research Overview

Research Groups


Name Research Area
Uday Banerjee Generalized finite element methods, elliptic PDE
Pinyuen Chen Statistical signal processing, ranking and selection theory
Dan Coman Complex analysis, pluripotential theory, dynamics
J. Theodore Cox Probability, interacting particle systems
Steven Diaz Algebraic geometry of curve families
Nicole Fonger Mathematics education
Jack Graver Combinatorics, graph theory
Duane Graysay Mathematics education
Philip Griffin Stochastic processes, mathematical finance
Tadeusz Iwaniec Harmonic analysis, elliptic PDE
Lee Kennard Riemannian geometry, algebraic topology, symmetry
Hyune-Ju Kim Statistics, change-point problems, regression model selection
Mark Kleiner Representations of finite dimensional algebras
Leonid Kovalev Geometric mapping theory, metric spaces
Loredana Lanzani Harmonic analysis, PDE, complex analysis
Graham Leuschke Commutative algebra, non-commutative algebraic geometry
Wei Li Nonparametric and semiparametric models, Bayesian inference
Jianxuan Liu Semiparametrics, causal inference, measurement error models, high dimensional data, case-control studies
Adam Lutoborski Variational problems, optimization on matrix manifolds
Joanna Masingila Out-of-school mathematics practice, teacher development
Terry McConnell Martingales, Banach spaces, potential theory
Claudia Miller Commutative algebra, connections with algebraic geometry
Jani Onninen Nonlinear analysis, geometric function theory
Eugene Poletsky Complex analysis, pluripotential theory
Declan Quinn Noncommutative rings, Galois theory, Hopf algebras
Minghao Rostami Numerical linear algebra, computational fluid dynamics
Lixin Shen Applied harmonic analysis, wavelets, image processing
John Ucci Topological K-theory, homotopy theory
Gregory Verchota Singular integrals, elliptic PDE in nonsmooth domains
Andrew Vogel Elliptic PDE in nonsmooth domains
William Volterman Nonparametric analysis, order statistics
Stephan Wehrli Low-dimensional topology, knots and links
William Wylie Riemannian geometry, geometric analysis
Yuan Yuan Complex geometry and several complex variables
Dan Zacharia Homological algebra, representations of algebras

Recently retired

Name Research Area
Douglas Anderson Topology, algebraic K-theory
Helen Doerr Secondary mathematics education, teacher learning
Wu-Teh Hsiang Differential geometry, Lie groups
Mark Watkins Graph theory, infinite graphs
Yuesheng Xu Computational mathematics, signal and image processing