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Office Hours

Undergraduate advisors are assigned to students who have declared a major, double major or minor in Mathematics. Students who are considering mathematics as a possible major are welcome to contact them for informal pre-major advising.

Math Major Advisors


Andrew Vogel: majors whose last name begins with A-G

Office: 313B Carnegie Library
Phone: 315-443-1584

Leonid Kovalev

Leonid Kovalev: majors whose last name begins with H-M. In Fall 2017, also N-S

Office: 311C Carnegie
Phone: 315-443-1487

Stephan Wehrli

Stephan Wehrli: majors whose last name begins with N-S. In Fall 2017 Prof. Wehrli is on leave; students will be advised by Prof. Kovalev (see contact information above).

Office: 304B Carnegie
Phone: 315-443-1491

Steven P. Diaz

Steven P. Diaz: majors whose last name begins with T-Z

Office: 317C Carnegie
Phone: 315-443-1583


Dan Zacharia: continuing majors

Office: 300B Carnegie
Phone: 315-443-1580