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Math Help

This page collects some of the help resources available, in addition to the office hours of professors and teaching assistants. 

Math Clinic, Fall 2017

To be announced

Calculus Help Center, Fall 2017

To be announced

University College Clinic, Fall 2017

To be announced

Private Tutoring

The department maintains a list of private tutors. This activity is not supervised by the department. Students make arrangements with the tutors directly. Click tutor's name to find their contact information.

Name Courses
Ian Becker 183,193,194,284,285,286,295,375
Fernando Betancourt-Velez 193,194,285,286,295,296
Daniel Cuneo 118,122,194,221,222,284,285,295,296,331,375,397,412,418,485,512,513,517
Stephen Farnham 121,122,183,194,221,222,284,285,286,296,331,397,412
Maureen Jeffery 118, 194, 284, 285, 286, 295
Caleb McWhorter All courses (except 222)
AnnMarie O'Neil 121,122,183,193,194,221,284,285,295
Eric Ottman All courses
Josh Stangle 121,122,221,222,285,286,295,331,397,531,534
Erin Tripp 183,221,284,285,295,296,331,397