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Students in front of Pi Mu Epsilon banner

Pi Mu Epsilon: New York Alpha Chapter

History and Mission

Pi Mu Epsilon is the national mathematics honorary society. Founded in 1914 at Syracuse University, PME currently has over 350 chapters at colleges and universities throughout the United States. The purpose of the society is to promote mathematical activities among students.


Pi Mu Epsilon hosts mathematical talks given for and by SU undergraduates, career-focused discussion panels, mathematical movie screenings and other social events. It also runs advising panels and organizes preparation sessions for Putnam competition and GRE Mathematics Test. Events are announced via email; to be added to the mailing list, send a message to Evan Lewis at Recent and forthcoming events also appear on this page.

Some of the recent presentations by Pi Mu Epsilon members:

Pi Mu Epsilon Membership

Membership in Pi Mu Epsilon, New York Alpha Chapter is open to all students in good standing with Syracuse University who meet the eligibility requirements listed below.

  • Major in Mathematics or a related field, including but not limited to: biology, chemistry, economics, engineering, or physics.
  • Completion of two semesters of calculus and two additional courses in mathematics at or above the calculus level.
  • GPA in mathematics at least 3.317 and an overall GPA at least 3.142. Special cases with an upward trend will be duly considered.
  • Scholarly interest in promoting mathematics on campus and in the Syracuse community.

Executive Board 2018-19

Spring 2019 Inductees

Kasey Brinkerhoff, Delong Chen, Brittany Wright.

Spring 2018 Inductees

Valerie Boctor, Andrew Cummings, Matthew Gonzales, Evan Lewis, SunLee Stechuk, Xinxuan Wang, Lin Yang. Photograph

Winter 2018 Inductees

Patrick Cummings, Megan Donato, Emily Dyckman, Zijia Liu, Grace Mehr, Nachmon Nagel, Xintong Wang. Photograph

Fall 2016 Inductees

Bryan Alicea, Ruixin Chen, Alexa Georgakopoulos, Wanni Huang, Meghan Lentz, Thompson Morgan, Tianyi Wang,Yuxin Zhang. Photograph

Spring 2016 Inductees

Jordan Barrett, Victor Cannestro, Max Engelhard, Jessye Green, Matthew Melkonian, Zhenyun Shi, Grant Webster. Photograph

Spring 2015 Inductees

Weiyi Chen, Tyler Fernandez, Faith Hopeck, Wei-yu Hsieh, Zhaoheng Li, Manxi Qin, Mengran Zhang. Photograph

Spring 2014 Inductees

Mary-Johanna Adjetey, Kevin Donovan, Amine Elmeghni, Fred Gard, JiaJin Lei, Lameess Mehanna, Kaitlin O'Rourke, Liwen Qin, Tessa Xie, Ju Yuan, Zhan Zhao. Photograph

Spring 2013 Inductees

Craig Allen, Grant Griffiths, Stephen Sorokanich III, Xin Tian, Ashley Valentijn. Photograph

Fall 2012 Inductees

Bingjing Feng, Xinyi (Shirley) He, Stanley Hoffman, Randi Rodecker, Shuo Zhang. Photograph

Spring 2012 Inductees

Joe Andrade, JiaYu Chen, Dan Goldman, Chris Hoffman, Dylan Hsu, Qiu Jin, Ben Kaplan, Alex Lam, Han Li, Yunjia Mi, Terence Nip, Keeley Naughton, James Schwartz, Liwei Zhu.